Leszek Buinowski

I couldn’t tell if they liked it or if they were just concerned I was going to kill myself.

Call it a fascination that isn’t easy to examine

And can be quite disturbing 


Image work for a new devised dance theatre piece. 

Exploring the relationships we create in our lives. The ones we have no choice over. The ones that stick with us even when they have ended and how we recreate them.

How to begin again? How to move forward when there is nothing more to write? 

Is this it?

Dead images.

I have been absent for some time. I have let my self soak in my thoughts. 

Turn them.

Follow them.

Hate them.

Accept them.

Avoid them.

Fuck them.

Repeat them.

Mantra. Repeat the mantra. Repeat the mantra. Repeat the mantra.


"where ever you go…there you are…"



I am here is the hardest part.

As the sparrow

To give life you must take life,
and as our grief falls flat and hollow
upon the billion-blooded sea
I pass upon serious inward-breaking shoals rimmed
with white-legged, white-bellied rotting creatures
lengthily dead and rioting against surrounding scenes.
Dear child, I only did to you what the sparrow
did to you; I am old when it is fashionable to be
young; I cry when it is fashionable to laugh.
I hated you when it would have taken less courage
to love.

c. Bukowski

Getting back in the game…revisiting the forgotten word

Soul reaped from Utah

i am a penniless popper

a sign chasing vagabond

out-casted from this cast system

i know nothing of this microcosm

i only know there are 12 more, 50 more, 5 more miles to the next rest stop, till the next point in my plan to run

to thumb my way back…to back seat coast my way to you.

invisible you.


You might not know what to think now that your eyes have been opened to a wider vision of your life, only to find yourself quickly crashing into reality. Your blind optimism turns to cynicism and then, fortunately you can settle into a sensible approach to manage your daily routine. Don’t worry about what just happened or what may be in the future. Instead, keep yourself busy by progressing steadily toward your dreams, taking one concrete step at a time.

No Rack can torture me

No Rack can torture me –
My Soul — at Liberty –
Behind this mortal Bone
There knits a bolder One –
You cannot prik with saw –
Nor pierce with Scimitar –
Two Bodies — therefore be –
Bind One — The Other fly –
The Eagle of his Nest
No easier divest –
And gain the Sky
Than mayest Thou
Except Thyself may be
Thine Enemy –
Captivity is Consciousness –
So’s Liberty.

-Emily Dickinson

fire brings fire